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Neil Lund

Schooner Bluenose by Neil Lund

The Nova Scotia fishing schooner Bluenose is probably the most popular ship modeled by ASMS members. The original was built in 1921 in Lunenburg and for seventeen years fished the Grand Banks. On six occasions she raced other fishing schooners for the Fishermen’s Trophy and never lost one. The only time she lost a race was for the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup in 1930. After her fishing days were over Bluenose was sold into freighting service in the Caribbean. She was wrecked on a reef there in 1946.

In 1963 a replica of Bluenose was built at Lunenburg. Bluenose II, as she is named, was built from the original plans, but was finished for passengers instead of for fish. Equipped with modern navigational aids and safety equipment, she is based in Halifax where she takes out sailing parties during the summer.

Kits are available for models of both Bluenose and Bluenose II. The model shown here is from a Billings kit, but has had minor modifications to more closely represent the original Bluenose. Though the kit claims to be at 1:75 scale, in comparison with actual dimensions of the full sized ships, it is more like 1:64. The rigging in most of the kits is greatly simplified, which may bother the purist, but makes the Bluenose an ideal starting model for someone just beginning the hobby.

H.M.S. Nelson

Peter Nelson

H.M.S. Nelson by Peter Nelson H.M.S. Nelson by Peter Nelson

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R.A.F. Seaplane Tender

Jim Patrick

R.A.F. Seaplane Tender R.A.F. Seaplane Tender

This model has a bit of history. It was apparently built in the 1950’s and was given to our club in November, 2008, to be given to somebody “who would give it a good home”. The model passed through a number of hands before Jim received it. He has done some research on the original vessel and determined that it was a 41.5 foot seaplane tender built for the RAF by the British Power Boat Company at Hythe, near Southampton in England. They were intended to serve flying boats such as the Sunderlands and Catalinas employed on anti submarine patrols, but were also used for air/sea rescue. The kit for the 1:16 scale model was by Adamcraft, a company which now seems to be out of business. Jim has completed the model with radio control.