About Us

Schooner Bluenose

The Alberta Ship Model Society was formed in 1984 to help promote excellence in ship modelling and the sharing of information among members. The Society may be the place for you!

Monthly Meetings

Drop in and be our guest for your first visit! One of the features of the meeting is “On the Ways” in which members show their models in various stages of construction and talk about the building challenges they have encountered. Other members offer advice on what might help to improve the task or suggest an easier way. Members who complete a model receive a Certificate of Fleet Admission. Where and when we meet can be found on the Information page.

Something for You

The Society offers a wide range of information and services. Whether you are a newcomer looking for the basics on how to get started, or an “old–time” modeller searching for obscure information — we have something for you!

R.A.F. Seaplane Tender

The Society deals with all types of models --- static, R/C, wooden, plastic, fibreglass, paper, etc. We cover all eras of ships and boats from vintage to modern. The Society has extensive archives and members willing to help you with your research and to provide you with building tips.